Higher Geography

Posted on January 18, 2011 in General Information by Mrs Wilson  Tagged

A qualification in Higher Geography is designed to provide you with a sophisticated understanding of geographical processes and information. It is a subject that will cover a broad range of topics from glaciation to urban studies to development and health and much more in between!

This is a really positive aspect of studying Geography as it allows you to look into the physical, human and environmental aspects of the world and their interactions. Not only this but it will build on literacy skills through the terminology used and the structuring of detailed, well justified and explained answers. It will also develop your numeracy and data handling skills by making use of graphs, figures, maps, diagrams, photos and written sources. All of which will be great news for your future employers!

But perhaps more importantly, by studying Higher Geography you will become more aware of the world at work around you from your local area to a global scale.